AsiaPresswire Expands to Mideast with Arabic PR Distribution via GPT-PRHelper

DUBAI, Dec 6, 2023 – (ACN Newswire via – AsiaPresswire has expanded into the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, offering its groundbreaking AI solution GPT-PRHelper for Arabic press release writing and distribution. The move allows companies in the Arab world to leverage advanced natural language generation technology for higher impact communications.

According to AsiaPresswire CTO Bruce Wong, GPT-PRHelper provides ideal capabilities to serve PR professionals and brands targeting MENA audiences and media. “With Arabic as one of the 21 languages supported, GPT-PRHelper enables easy drafting and distribution of press releases customized for the local market,” said Wong. “Our AI assistant empowers clients to share news rapidly across the Arab world.”

GPT-PRHelper’s automated multilingual output suits companies in diverse MENA markets. Users can instantly produce Arabic press releases not just in Arabic but English, French and other major local languages, allowing broader engagement.

The AI solution can significantly enhance productivity for Middle East PR teams by automatically creating drafts when users provide a headline and keywords. GPT-PRHelper writes in a news release format trained on millions of samples, freeing up time for strategic planning.

GPT-PRHelper’s continuous learning capability allows it to keep improving and adapting to clients’ needs the more they use it. The AI gets better at capturing branded style and tone for target markets.

Early adopters have welcomed the ability to accelerate localized press release creation in Arabic and beyond. Clients are amazed they can instantly generate quality drafts for faster distribution across MENA print, broadcast and online media.

The AI solution delivers sophisticated multilingual PR capabilities for companies big and small. GPT-PRHelper enhances brands’ connectivity with diverse audiences in high-growth MENA to support the evolution of Arabic and regional PR.

“We are excited to bring this cutting-edge innovation to the Middle East and North Africa,” said Wong. “GPT-PRHelper will transform how brands engage media and stakeholders across the region.”

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