ST HeadSTart: What should I do if I feel trapped in my job? | For great work, forget quitting quietly or passion pursuits

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Good morning! This week, I’m happy to introduce a new monthly series, Working Well, in which my colleague Lydia Lim writes about work and well-being. 

In this first column, she writes about how you can develop your career capital and earn the chance to do great work. Adopting a craftsman mindset can help you become so good, you simply can’t be ignored, she says. 

Meanwhile, in this week’s edition of askST Jobs, manpower correspondent Calvin Yang addresses what workers can do if they feel unhappy and trapped in their current roles. Re-evaluating your needs and aspirations is one step to getting unstuck, experts say. 

Is this a situation you’ve been in before? Tell us more about how you navigated it at

Also, journalist Isabelle Liew shares her experience dealing with the costs that come with chronic back pain, and some handy tips to help you plan for possible medical woes down the road, including doing your homework about possible treatments and their associated costs.