THE FACE Unveils ‘ALL-IN-ONE Foldable Showcase’, Which Can Effectively Promote All Products

Busan, Korea – Dec 15, 2023 – (SeaPRwire) – THE FACE ( is proud to announce the launch of their newest product – ‘ALL-IN-ONE Foldable Showcase’. THE FACE is a startup based in Busan, South Korea, with a manufacturing base. Its core capabilities include product design, manufacturing, and mass production technology. This year, the company has renewed the ‘ALL-IN-ONE Foldable Showcase,’ which allows businesses to introduce their products anytime, anywhere in a valuable way.

Many startups and small businesses invest a lot of effort in both online and offline promotion to promote their services and products. Ultimately, business processes traditionally require a direct, face-to-face interaction to clearly convey the value of products and services. However, for smaller companies, offline promotion can be a significant burden. Even renting a promotional booth incurs costs, and despite having excellent products and services, the offline promotional performance may be lacking. Investing thousands or millions in offline promotion can be overshadowed by large corporations. Moreover, exhibition booth setups are often limited to one-time events.

The ALL-IN-ONE Foldable Showcase developed by THE FACE is a strategic marketing product that allows the presentation of products and services to be introduced anytime, anywhere, at a reasonable cost, such as at exhibitions, popup stores, and IR events. It can be folded into a dedicated carrier for easy transportation to any location, and it boasts the ability to set up a dazzling display in less than a minute at the venue. The detachable promotional panels, spotlights, sound systems, and the 360-degree turntable system on the base enhance the visual, auditory, and dynamic appeal of displayed products, capturing attention.

The motivation for developing such a business stemmed from the founder’s experience working at a promising startup before starting THE FACE.

Before starting the business, CEO Noh worked as a CTO at a startup, developing a highly regarded wearable device. However, he consistently faced below-expectation results in offline marketing. Upon self-reflection and analysis, it was concluded that the problem was the inability to capture interest from a buyer’s perspective.

As a result, CEO Noh personally developed an exhibition showcase at CES to present the product. The surprising outcome was that, compared to the business results of other Korean companies attending the exhibition, he achieved an effect more than 20 times greater.

CEO Noh stated, “Through communication and collaboration with various companies, I gained a broader perspective on the business,” and added, “I hope the ALL-IN-ONE Foldable Showcase can help alleviate the challenges that all early-stage startups face offline and contribute to a mutually beneficial society.”

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