Novationwire’s AI Solutions Help Unlock Growth for India’s SEO Firms

Bangalore, India – Novationwire (, the leading press release distribution and communications platform, has introduced a new suite of AI-powered solutions aimed at helping India’s rapidly expanding search engine optimization (SEO) industry unlock transformational growth.

Dubbed “AI-Branding-Leverage for India SEOers“, the offerings tap into Novationwire’s expertise assisting online marketing agencies worldwide execute high-performance branding, outreach and traffic generation campaigns.

As Terry Robbins, Novationwire’s Chief Marketing Officer explained, “India’s technology and internet sectors are exploding. We see immense potential helping domestic SEO providers navigate increasing complexity and capture global client mindshare through advanced AI.”

Central to the new solution set is Novationwire’s proprietary natural language generation (NLG) engine. As Robbins elaborated, “Our NLG platform automatically creates optimized press releases infused with India-relevant data points, cultural references and influencer partnerships engineered to boost engagement and rankings.”

The integrated solution also features a database of 500+ Indian media and blogger contacts across finance, tech and business categories helping drive targeted pick up. “Our technology precision-matches press releases to journalists, columnists and industry analysts best positioned to amplify our clients’ thought leadership,” said Robbins.

Early adopters among India’s top SEO agencies have witnessed the platform’s ability to catalyze exponential growth firsthand.

As Robbins noted, “One client saw domain authority for their Website increase by over 72% in just six months after implementing our AI-driven press release and outreach solutions, propelling dramatic upticks in lead gen and sales.”

Driving such outsized outcomes is the depth of Novationwire’s targeting intelligence according to Robbins. “Our algorithms analyze millions of data signals to rank media outlets, writers and forums essential for India SEO companies to penetrate,” he said. “This transforms the visibility and credibility of our partners.”

Equally important, Novationwire’s solutions seamlessly integrate with popular martech stacks through API connections. “Rather than force clients to adopt new tools, we enhance existing workflow investments to accelerate ROI,” Robbins continued. “Our platform synergies amplify performance across the board.”

For Novationwire’s CMO, the expansive launch underscores the immense opportunity serving rapidly digitizing markets like India. “With internet penetration rising exponentially across India, SEO firms need cutting-edge solutions to manage scale while making meaningful impressions,” Robbins concluded. “Our AI technology checks every box helping Indian agencies prepare for breakout growth in 2023 and beyond.”

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